It’s National 4-H Week

Oct. 2 to 8 is National 4-H Week. Four-H is the largest youth serving organization in the nation. More than six million 4-H youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards, and rural farming communities help to build revolutionary opportunities and implement change across their communities.
With 540,000 volunteers, 3,500 professionals, and more than 60 million alumni, the 4-H movement is supportive of youth from elementary school through graduating high school, and is designed to build future leaders and innovators. The backbone of the 4-H program is the interaction of youth with the many 4-H volunteers. The caring support of adult volunteers and mentors inspires young people in 4-H to work collaboratively, take the lead on their own projects and set and achieve goals with confidence.
You may be wondering what the four H’s stand for. Head, heart, hands, and health!
Head: 4-H gives youth the opportunity to think and learn about new and exciting things and topics.
Heart: 4-H encourages positive relationships between youth, their peers, adults, and the community.
Hands: 4-H focuses on hands-on learning.
Health: 4-H helps youth learn about making good choices and living a healthy lifestyle.
During National 4-H Week, hundreds of thousands of youth from all around the nation will complete a single, innovative experiment on 4-H National Youth Science Day, which will be held Wednesday, Oct. 5. The 2011 National Science Experiment, Wired for Wind, will introduce young people to the possibilities of using wind as a source of renewable energy. If you are interested in joining in on the experiment — it will be Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Extension Office (Marshall County Building). Call us (574-935-8545) and let us know you are coming.
The 4-H program is alive and well here in Marshall County, with 975 youth involved and 317 volunteers, we are always looking for ways to improve our communities, and with 21 clubs county-wide there is a club near you making a difference. If you would like to learn more about the 4-H program and join the revolution of responsibility — call the Purdue Extension Office of Marshall County at 574-935-8545, or “like” us on Facebook — Search for “Marshall County 4-H.”