ISTEP numbers up, ADM enrollment numbers down at Culver Community

Preliminary ISTEP scores were released recently for local school districts, and Culver Community Schools has not only improved its score, but attained its highest score to date.

"The school corporation continues to have steady increase in our scores," commented Culver superintendent Brad Schuldt. "We moved up from 69.2 percent to 72.7 percent passing both Math and English Language Arts, which is the highest score we have had."

Schuldt added the corporation is continuing "to close the gap on the state average, which is now less than one percentage point higher than our score."

Culver Elementary is doing "very well," he said, pointing to a 97.3 percent passing math grade in the sixth grade. Culver Comm. High School has an 80 percent passing ECA, its highest ever, he said. The middle school has a 62.3 percent overall passing rate.

State-based ISTEP testing measures student achievement in language arts, math and science. While the scores for math and language arts were released, the science scores will be delayed because it is a new subject area being assessed by the state. IREAD, the state’s standardized reading test, is administered separately.

According to state directives, third graders who do not pass the IREAD cannot be promoted, except under certain considerations. The ISTEP scores carry no similar restrictions.

ISTEP results are one of the criteria used to determine the letter grade Indiana assigns to schools. While this grading system has come under scrutiny, it is still in effect and has a bearing on how the schools are perceived.


Counts for the official average daily membership or ADM that is provided to the state Department of Education at the start of school each year, have also come in.

This count is done on the same day statewide and is the basis for the per student funding the school districts receive. This year, the ADM count was completed on Friday, Sept. 13.

State policies which allow students to transfer between school districts accounted for a portion of the changes in ADM enrollment. At the close of the last school year, each district set caps on how many out of district students would be allowed to come into their schools.

For some of the seven school districts which serve Marshall County families, this means more students and more revenue.

At Culver Community Schools, enrollment is down 12 students, according to information provided by Superintendent Brad Schuldt to the Culver Citizen. In February during the last official count, enrollment was 866. Last week, the numbers came in at 854. ADM numbers have dropped steadily at the school in recent years.