Irish success ‘perfect storm’ of weak schedule

All this time, when I have heard references about “Frankenstorm”, I thought it was about the weather. Nooooo.
This latest “Perfect Storm” has been about the 2012 Notre Dame football season. Who would have ever thought the words ‘National Championship’ and ‘Notre Dame’ would be in the same sentence two months ago?
No one, not even the Leprechaun.
After the Irish upset Oklahoma last Saturday though, those words will appear in close proximity for the next month and ND may get the chance to play for the — I cannot believe I am writing this — national title. If there is still one miracle left by then and the Irish win the crystal trophy, it will be akin to the New York Giants (9-7 in the regular season) defeating the Patriots (13-3) in the Super Bowl last year, the Florida Marlins winning the World Series in ‘97, Villanova winning the NCAA basketball tourney in ’84.
Those teams won the most important game, but were not the best team. Likewise, ND is nowhere near being the best team in college football this year, but a 12-0 regular season record is almost guaranteed now thanks to the Perfect Storm of an amazingly weak and misleading schedule. The Sooners were the latest overrated team on the docket. Oklahoma now has two losses with West Virginia, Oklahoma St. and TCU still to play. They could end up as a 3-5 loss team after a bowl game. They still should have defeated ND, but Stooped to the Irish strength and gave the game away. They passed at will early so what adjustment do they make? They get away from it and try to establish the run.
No way will the Irish lose to the Pitts this week, Boston College (2-6) after that, or Not Awake Forest the following Saturday. USC is the only potential roadblock to a perfect regular season. Normally, that would be a big bump in the road, but not during the year of the Perfect Storm. The Trojans now have two losses, will lose to Oregon this week, and still have Arizona State and UCLA before facing ND, making it a potentially banged up four-loss USC unit hosting the mirage known as the No. 4 team in the land.
Be glad Notre Dame fans that there is no playoff in college football this year. ND would lose to all of the following teams: Alabama, Oregon, LSU, Georgia, Kansas St., and probably Florida, Florida St., South Carolina, and Clemson. They will have to beat one good team to go down in history.
By the way, who was playing QB for ND? Surely, it wasn’t Everett Golson because he would have had a fumble or at least an interception in there somewhere. It was #5. Was it — Manti???? Now he deserves the Heisman. He is playing middle linebacker and quarterback! The national championship and the Heisman — Frankenstorm. Now that is scary.