If I were President...

Area residents were asked what they would do if they were President. Here are their responses:

Sarah Morrison, Culver fifth grader: “If I were President, I would make those who litter go to jail!”

Chandlor Lamb, Plymouth High School freshman: “If I were president, I would change the legal drinking age to 18. Because, when you’re 18 you can do taxes, sign contracts, and even join the the military. I think if you’re old enough to possess tobacco and fight for our country, then you should be able to drink alcohol. If parents don’t teach of-age adolescents to drink in moderation, they are more likely to binge drink.
Also, If I had to pick a favorite President it would be Bill Clinton, because we didn’t have a war when he was President.”

Willow Kreischer, Culver Elementary first grader: If I were President, I would make it a law that each person had to own 20 horses!”

Matthew Lee, PHS senior: “I were president, I would do something about the schools. I would give the schools more money so they could actually feed us a decent lunch. You wouldn’t have to make up snow days and you would only have to go to school 150 days; the extra 30 is a waste. Our society talks bad about people being ‘obese’ or ‘over weight’ but for the first 18 years of your life, you sleep for 8 hours, eat, sit down for four hours, eat, sit down for four more hours (while at school), then go home and eat and sit even longer to do homework. So…less homework and mandatory recess for all grades!”

Riley Patrick, Webster kindergartner: “ I would do nothing.”

Aydrien Haney, Washington fourth grader: “If I was president, oh my gosh! Ok, I got it, I would make the poor rich!”

Sophia Austin, Argos kindergartner: “I would play with all the kids in the world like Abraham Lincoln did.”

Mekhi Austin, 3 years old, Argos: “If I were President I would wash the dishes!”

Kane Shock, 12, formerly of Plymouth: “If I were president, I would lower the price of gas.”