Hunnicutt surrenders to Starke County Police

Joshua Hunnicutt, 30, of Winamac, turned himself in to the Starke County Sheriff's Department earlier today.
Hunnicutt turned himself in at about 12:50 p.m. He told officers that he realized he would get caught eventually, and that he had made a bad decision. Hunnicutt said he has no recollection about what took place prior to his escape.
Hunnicutt went over a fence in the recreation yard at the jail Wednesday evening, May 23 at around 4 p,m, and headed south down the alley.
Hunnicutt was initially being held for an outstanding warrant. He was originally charged with maintaining a common nuisance and possession of meth.
Currently, he faces a preliminary charge of escape in addition to his previous charges.
Hunnicutt could face additional charges after Starke County Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff reviews the case.
So far, there is no word on Rachel Berdine, 35, who was believed to be traveling with Hunnicutt.