Houin set to take to air for charity

PLYMOUTH — There is no doubt about the passion Plymouth’s Jan Houin has for the Operation Quiet Comfort project.
And the public is invited first-hand as Houin jumps out of an airplane for the cause Sunday.
Houin began volunteering with Operation Quiet Comfort in early 2007.
Operation Quiet Comfort was formed in July 2004 with the express mission of honoring and comforting injured servicemen and women.
Soldiers are given things like “Go Bags” that contain a CD player, CDs, puzzle books, reading materials and cards and letters from across the United States.
Those injured also receive quilts, clothing and footwear.
Operation Quiet Comfort also looks out for those taking care of the wounded.
Shipments of good coffee, treats and health snacks are sent to medical professionals.
While Operation Quiet Comfort was founded in Plymouth, Houin said that all the packing and shipping of care packages are done in Plymouth.
Houin has done numerous fundraising efforts for the charity.
For her next one, she decided to really think outside the box.
She has heard of Plymouth Sky Sports before and new skydiving took place from the Plymouth Airport.
She had always entertained the idea of skydiving. She realized she could achieve that goal and help the program that is near and dear to her heart.
The jumps start at 8,000 feet.
So Houin is raising money and for each dollar she raises she’ll increase her jump by a foot.
Her husband Ken and his business Kentec Enterprises paid for the jump so all the money raised goes to Operation Quiet Comfort.
Houin’s affection for Operation Quiet Comfort comes from a family with a military background.
Her son Curt Houin was in the Navy when she got involved.
Her son-in-law Travis Smith is active-duty Army and did three tours overseas.
Smith and Houin’s daughter Lori now live in Georgia.
Houin’s tandem jump is set for 1 p.m. Sunday.
The public is also invited to a tailgate of the event starting at 12:30 p.m.