Hotel Culver planned for this summer

Culver should see a much-needed addition to its overnight accommodation offerings this summer, with Hotel Culver, located at 18571 State Road 10 (just west of the intersection of State Roads 10 and 17), underway.
This according to John Zehner, who has been involved in several Culver area businesses in recent years.
The five-room hotel will precede a second, 16-room venture located in two buildings on the same property: those formerly occupied by the 10 Spot and a motorcycle shop.
“There will be a lobby, a pizza place, and breakfast,” explains Zehner, joined by hotel project manager Kelli Lightfoot. “More of a hotel-style continental breakfast. There will be a workout facility and business center. We’ll be able to do some small banquets there. We’ll see how that goes, and will know about the rest of the expansion probably in June or July.”
Both buildings will sport completely new, stone-stucco style facades, says Zehner, with all-interior hotel rooms with flat-panel televisions and the quality one would expect in a middle-to-upper-range hotel.
“It will be a hotel,” adds Zehner, “not a motel.”
The genesis of the project relates to Zehner’s involvement in other local businesses, most notably the former Culver Cabana on East Jefferson Street, and the Maxinkuckee Bistro, located upstairs at the Culver Cove, also on Jefferson.
“Having the restaurants, it’s always disappointing to see people drive to Plymouth to stay the night. The chances of them eating there are relatively high. There’s definitely a need for more hotel rooms in Culver. In any other lake community, they have large hotels...through word of mouth, just renting out the condo I have (above Gladie’s Deli at 108 N. Main Street), we saw such success with that. Every Academy weekend it’s full.
“The economy is turning around,” he adds. “We see that in our banquet hall at the Culver Cove, which we haven’t done a lot of advertising for.”
Speaking of the Cabana, Zehner notes that restaurant will soon be reopening with a new name and approach. A remodel of the place -- and a shift to a non-smoking atmosphere -- is in the works, and the Maxinkuckee Bistro will also undergo a “rebranding” as well.
And Hotel Culver should also create multiple jobs in Culver which he says have “unfortunately been lost in the last couple of years because of the economy.
“Really our goal is to try to bring more people into town,” says Zehner. “It rounds out all the businesses. There’s not any place to stay. We want people to come downtown to the restaurants. And we’ve seen a need: we have banquets which we’ve lost because we don’t have the rooms (to accommodate people).”
Hotel Culver can be found online at, or reached by phone at (877) 844-6604.