History unveiled at Bourbon Public Library

BOURBON — Most of us can’t trace our family tree back 19 generations. Sara Yarber can, and it all started with a simple search on her phone. Now she is a regular at the Bourbon Public Library using the public computers to dig even deeper into the past. 
Yarber started tracing her roots just for fun by typing her grandpa’s name into Google. When that was successful, she began searching for other members of the family that she knew. Her family tree began to grow from there – in a big way — and Yarber’s mom was so excited and proud about what her daughter was doing, that she purchased a subscription to Ancestry.com as a gift for her to explore even further. “You see the commercials all the time with the leaves (which indicate existing records about a person) that pop up, but I really didn’t expect to find much,” said Yarber.
So far, she has traced one line of her family, the Wilsons, all the way back to the 1420s in Scotland. As the Wilson line eventually made their way to America in the 1600s, Yarber stumbled upon an interesting fact. John Wilson and his wife, Katherine, sailed across the Atlantic in separate boats. John ventured alone, while Katherine voyaged with their two small sons — to better the chances of survival from diseases, shipwreck, and a host other deadly threats along the way. John arrived first July 4, 1635 and was there to greet his family in Virginia as their ship came in two days later. 
Her research into her family’s history continues at the library. Yarber knew about the public computers from bringing her daughter to the library for books and DVDs. Now she likes to use her free time on the computers exploring more of her family’s past. 
The library can serve as a great resource for genealogy work, with local history books and records, in addition to the free computers and wireless Internet. Anyone interested in learning more about their own family history, can visit the library to start an adventure in history. Yarber said, “I wish that I had started this 10 years ago! People don’t realize how important finding your family history is or where you came from. Because if those people hadn’t done the things that they did, you wouldn’t be here today.”