Historic Commission gains new member

At a recent meeting, Nappanee Mayor Larry Thompson announced the appointment of Jeanie (Culp) Dudley as a new member of the Historic Commission.
Dudley is the daughter of the late Fred and Evelyn Culp, both descendants of early Lehman and Culp families. Her mother, Evelyn Culp, was head librarian at the local library for many years and also the founder of the historic Heritage Room, now incorporated into the growing collection at the Nappanee Center. Jeanie’s background of local historical significance makes her a valued addition to the Commission. She replaces the late Ann Evans, a past president and active member of the group.
New officers were also elected at the recent meeting. Chuck Grimm was voted to remain as president and Vickie Hunsberger as vice president. The Nappanee Historic Com-mission recently achieved Preserve America certification, an award which comes directly from the White House. Only 795 Historic Commissions have received this award. The Commission has also achieved Historic Landmark Status for the John Hartman House and is now working on a feasibility study of landmark status for the Hartman Street Bridge.
The Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Nappanee Center.