Heat wave for the rest of the week

MARSHALL COUNTY — With a heatwave kicking off on Monday, Plymouth and the surrounding areas are feeling the heat. It is anticipated that high temperatures and high humidity will reach heat indices in the 100 degrees.

The Marshall County Emergency Management (OEM) released a heat and humidity advisory for the week. According to OEM heat is one of the leading weather-related killer’s in the U.S. making it extremely important to be prepared.

The National Weather Service released a hazardous weather outlook anticipating hot and humid temperatures to continue until Friday with afternoon temperatures in the low 90’s and heat indices approaching 100 degrees. There will be a possibility of thunderstorms late Friday into Saturday as a cold front crosses the region.

OEM makes several suggestions to prepare safeguard from the overwhelming heat.
• If you must be outside wear, sunblock, a hat and sunglasses to limit exposure to Ultra-Violet rays
• Drink plenty of water avoiding drinks that contain caffeine
• Wear lightweight, light colored clothing
• Take frequent breaks in the shade or air-conditioned vehicles or buildings
• Know the signs of exhaustion and heat stroke (skin begins to feel hot, headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting). Seek medical attention if you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms.

Family, friends and neighbors who do not have air-conditioning or access to it should be checked on as well as pets and outdoor animals.
Pets should be provided with plenty of fresh water, kept in shaded areas and limited to the amount of time kept in confined areas without airflow. Animals should never be left in parked vehicles.