Health care mandates leading to policy changes

PLYMOUTH - The new public health care act will bring some changes in employment policy for Marshall County.

Meeting in a joint session on Monday the Marshall County Council and Marshall County Commissioners had Tony Nyers of the Healy Group, insurance brokers for the county, in Plymouth to walk them through new requirements that will have an affect on the county’s bottom line as concerning employee benefits.

The County Council passed a resolution to amend the personnel policy to limit part time employees to 56 hours in any given two week pay period. The Commissioners will consider the proposal at their next meeting.
The main issue for the county is that the new law requires that an employer offer health benefits to any employee working an average of 30 hours or more over a six month period. Doing so makes the employee eligible for full time health benefits for the next calendar year. Nyers told the boards that as far as the new health care law was concerned 30 hours is “…the new full time.”

Currently the county has several part time employees that consistently work 35 hours a week and under the legislation each would have to be offered health insurance benefits. The Sheriff’s Department, Prosecutors office, the Marshall County Clerk and WIC offices all currently employ personnel that would fall in the requirements for being offered county health insurance.

(A detailed story is available in the June 11 print edition of The Pilot News.)