Head to the forest with Snow White

PLYMOUTH – Plymouth High School’s theatre department will work their magic once again this weekend with the department’s children’s show, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest. 
Show times are Friday, Nov. 5, at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 6, at 2:00 p.m. and at 6:30 p.m., and Sunday, Nov. 7, at 2:00 p.m.  Remember also that this weekend is the time change so keep that in mind for Sunday’s start time.
As usual for the children’s show the group pulls out all the stops with a cast of – actually nearly – thousands. It is the introduction to the stage of PHS first year acting students in their traditional “dance.”
“For a long time, we’ve included the beginning theatre class for their first time on stage in a chorus number,” said Director Charlotte Tyree. “We figured out a way to get them out there. They’ve been the Indians in Peter Pan, the Oompa Loompa’s in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We find a dance, incorporate a chorus number and get 60 more kids in the show. Why not?”
This year’s number is choreographed to Cheryl Lynn’s disco masterpiece “To Be Real,” and features many strange creatures of the forest in a certain show stopper.
In many ways it takes a kid to be an actor and this year’s cast has a group of leads that not only remember being a kid, they embrace it. Most of them remember their first exposure to a PHS children’s play, when they were younger.
“I remember (The Princess and the Pea) and thinking how I want to be that girl on stage,” said Jordin Cook, who plays Snow White in the show’s “Red” cast. “I wanted to be her; I remember how much I loved the set.”
“They made it snow onstage in ‘The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe,’” said Michael Gray, who plays the Prince in the shows “White” cast. “I was really taken with that; I’d never seen anything like that.”
“I couldn’t figure out why a girl was playing Peter Pan. I kept thinking ‘Isn’t Peter Pan a guy?’” said Jason Pickell, who plays the King in the “White” cast. “That’s all I kept thinking through the whole show.”
It also is a highlight for the cast during their time in the PHS drama department.
“In my opinion it’s the best show we put on all year,” said Craft. “You have the kids come in, they see the set, they see all the characters they know from the story and they get so excited. That’s the best part.You have to bring a whole other level of energy to the stage. The more fun you have, the more fun the show is going to be.”
“It’s a great show for those that are new to the stage or those who are returning to the stage,” said Sam Compton, who plays the King in the “Red” cast. “The kids come in and it’s really reassuring. They’re excited to be there and it makes you really excited.”