Harner promoted as Anglin steps aside

NAPPANEE — Sgt. Mike Anglin has retired from the Nappanee Police Department after 24 years of service in the community.

Anglin first stunned city leaders and residents last fall when he announced plans to step down from his position as police chief by the end of 2010. Many felt a sense of relief after learning Anglin wanted to remain an active officer with the department for two more years until he retired.

Jan. 1 brought Anglin's new title of sergeant as he worked under new Nappanee Police Chief Julie Dijkstra. During the transition, Anglin maintained plans to remain an active police officer. Then he shocked city leaders and his new chief by month’s end when he made the decision to retire completely.

Anglin admits he has lost his excitement for the job.

"I almost feel kind of burnt out on law enforcement," Anglin said.  

Anglin has not lost respect for law enforcement or those serving in it. Instead, the retired officer said the change was personal, and he felt it was time to move on to a new career choice.

"I’ve had other job offers," Anglin said.

Anglin did not share what offers had been received, or how seriously he was pursuing them.

"Right now my wife and I need to decide what’s best for us as I move forward on making decisions about the offers," Anglin said.

Anglin’s full retirement was effective Jan. 29 but not publicly announced until Feb. 14 during the Nappanee Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. The delay of announcement was only due to scheduling. Last week was the first Board of Works meeting to occur after Anglin’s retirement.

Dijkstra said she was sorry to report the retirements of both Anglin and dispatcher Lisa Benner (effective Jan. 31). She then announced the appointment of Josh Harner to fill the sergeant role vacated by Anglin.
Dijkstra said there are two things in Harner’s favor in being successful in his new position. The officer previously served as a sergeant and knows the details involved with the position. Harner also has 13 years of experience to build on as he continues his career in law enforcement.

Harner began his new role as sergeant effective Feb. 13.