Happy Valentine's Day! Local couples share stories of how they met

Caleb and Angi Polando, of Plymouth, married 10 years
PLYMOUTH — Before dating websites like Match.com and Eharmony became popular, meeting people online was free — and that's how Caleb and Angi Polando met.
"It started with me and my friends trying to see how many girls we could meet (online)," said Caleb. "Angi was the one I talked to most."
To read the rest of Caleb and Angi's story, see the Feb. 14 edition of the Pilot News.

Bob and Shelley Heiden, of Plymouth, married 35 years
PLYMOUTH — Bob and Shelley sat across from each other in high school for four years, but never dated. So Shelley was a little confused when Bob wrote in her yearbook “I’ll see you in your rocking chair someday.” She may not have known why he wrote it, but Bob had a reason.
“I knew what I wanted,” said Bob firmly.
To read the rest of Bob and Shelley's story, see the Feb. 14 edition of the Pilot News.

Gary and Judi Leary, of Plymouth, married 47 years
PLYMOUTH — Gary and Judi Leary married in 1965, after spending a total of only 10 days together. The two had written numerous letters back and forth for about six months before they actually met face to face for the first time. Their relationship began when Judi started working at Gary’s mother’s flower shop in her hometown of Oregon, Ill.
To read the rest of Gary and Judi's story, see the Feb. 14 edition of the Pilot News.

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