Half Track’s third album out this summer

Crowds have unsuspectingly gathered, only to become fast friends, as a mutual bond through immediate appreciation for the southern-rock group Half Track contagiously slinks in and catches hold.
It is nearly impossible to experience a live performance by this authentic group of good ol’ boys without finding your foot shaking and your hip poppin’ to the boogie-rock being pulsated out in your direction. You will unconsciously note the Rebel Flag as the backdrop, moments before you hear the words “Free Bird” shouted into the air with great enthusiasm, only to eventually realize they vaulted from lips that are your very own.
Half Track is a tight-knit group of five musicians that sprang to life due west of the Marshall County borders. This musical endeavor began with front man Newt Minix and Dave Campbell, close to 14 years ago, but eventually evolved from the original style and members. Half Track explains they began as, “…primarily a country outfit under several different namesakes,” then officially became Half Track when they decided to, “…branch out into rock and kind of morphed into a modern southern-rock style.”
Founding member, Newt Minix, remains in front as the lead vocalist, also occasionally playing acoustic guitar, for Half Track. His father, Ron Minix, who performs as sound engineer and back-up vocalist has been involved from the beginning as well. Brian Shei, drummer and percussionist; Terry Young, bass guitarist and vocalist and TJ Flickinger, rhythm guitarist and vocalist, all joined the group over the years to round-out and achieve the ideal line-up that is known as Half Track.
The members of Half Track were all surrounded by music in their homes and lives while growing up. They describe the role they feel music has played in their lives, “Music is an inescapable part of everyday life. It’s something everyone can identify with. It’s definitely impacted us in positive ways and there are a lot of times when the phrase, ‘Life imitates art’, is completely evident.”
The combination, of the five friends, melded together a diverse array of talent and personal tastes in music that has benefited the final flavor of Half Track. Though southern-rock is their signature genre, the band does not limit their potential or sacrifice the fans enjoyment and continuously adds covers of newly popular music to their playlist. They explain, “It’s well-known that Lynyrd Skynyrd has been the driving influence in Half Track’s music. But whereas country and southern-rock inspired Newt and Ron, heavy rock and metal were what inspired Terry, Brian, and TJ. All members are southern-rock fans, but came to this current state out of completely different areas of music.”
Half Track has an intriguing history that includes sharing the stage with famous musical acts such as Blue Oyster Cult, Brian Howe and members of Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They also have completed two original albums, 2008’s 4-song EP titled “Searchin” and a full-length album, “Half Track” released in 2010. A third album, yet to be named, is expected to become available June of this year.
Also, it is well worth noting, that the humble fellows of Half Track use their gifts of music and entertaining as way to raise awareness and support for causes such as the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Half Track greatly credits their family and friends, as well as ABATE members, as the driving force behind their success. They say with enormous gratitude, “…none of us would be doing this if it weren’t for the support of our families and friends. Another huge impact has been from the ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) organization. We’ve been blessed with so many good friends in and around ABATE and will forever appreciate all of them.”
The Half Track experience is unique and adrenaline-charged; truly something to behold. This local bands hearty and robust style ensures an animated and lively performance. You can catch their show March 17 at The Bass Lake Golf Course’s Fistful of Dollars, April 6 at the Sandbar in Bass Lake, April 14 at The Wooden Nickel in North Judson and April 28 at Putts in Rochester. For further information the guys can be found under Half Track on Facebook.