Guess who's coming to dinner?

LAKEVILLE — Guess who’s coming to dinner?
Every Sunday, the 35 (to be 36 in June) members of Dale and Betty (Peregrine) Cox’s family come to supper at their home on Walnut Hill Drive in Lakeville.
It’s a tradition that promises to continue. Someone has a birthday every month so there is generally a cake and a party. Everybody brings a dish so it isn’t so much work for Betty. Actually — work for Dale. He loves to cook. He has a bunch of favorite recipes and he cooks for friends too. One Thanksgiving. he prepared 38 turkeys for friends.
Lancers one and all, all five of the Cox children, four sons and a daughter, graduated from LaVille High School and all five of them married LaVille grads. The nine grandchildren are LaVille grads and of the eight great-grandchildren, the five oldest attend LaVille.
The family’s favorite pastime is camping and every fall the whole crew travels to one of the Indiana State Parks for a three-day weekend.
Dale, 80, and Betty, 79 (80 in June), were high school sweethearts. Dale graduated from Purdue in 1953, and earned his Master’s Degree from Valparaiso University in 1965. He taught and coached at Carrollton for a year and 11 years at LaPaz. Retired for 20 years, he was at LaVille for 26 years as Athletic Director and baseball coach.
With five children at home, Betty stayed at home for 15 years.
Dale and Betty were married March 18, 1951, in Plymouth. The children are: Steve (Karen) Cox, Dave (Sue) Goebel, Phil (Rena) Cox, Pat (Sue) Cox, and Chris (Michelle) Cox, all of whom have celebrated their silver wedding anniversaries.
Dale and Betty celebrated their 60th anniversary with friends in Florida where they winter at Avon Park every year, but there will be another celebration with the family.
Their home has been adapted so that there is plenty of room for the children to play. Every Sunday is a family day for this remarkable family.