Group plans dog park for Plymouth

PLYMOUTH — A local group of canine enthusiasts have banned together and formed the “BOW-WOW Friends” committee.
During a meeting Tuesday the group discussed a number of topics on the construction of a dog park within Centennial Park. Plans are to erect the dog park east of the Freyman Pavilion.
The group is hoping to raise the needed $18,000 to build a fence 6 feet high, 100 feet wide and 300 feet long to enclose dogs that visit the park. It would be an area where dogs could run free, although their masters would need to stay by the fence and monitor their dogs.
The group will be sending out their first plea for donations on Wednesday. Those donating $200 or more will get special recognition on the park digital signage and special bone pavers placed in front of the “dog park”. An anonymous donor has offered to match any donations dollar-for-dollar.
Other members of the group are seeking grants and planning fundraising events. No tax dollars will be used to build the dog park, which will be owned and maintained by the Plymouth Park Department.