Greek mythology takes the stage at PHS

PLYMOUTH — The gods of Mount Olympus were known for some pretty quirky antics, but even those were nothing compared to the off beat shenanigans of the gods and goddesses of the latest Plymouth High School Theatre Department production, “Out of Our Greeking Minds” playing Friday and Saturday at the PHS Auditorium. Show time is 7 p.m. both nights.
Just as Athena sprang from the forehead of Zeus, the comedy sprang from the fertile imaginations of the PHS second trimester Acting Class who wrote and perform the sketches in the show. In what has become a PHS tradition the winter play starts as a writing prompt for the class and grows from there.
“We talked about it in class, doing a couple of different things, it just happened that we gravitated toward Greece,” said Luke Bumpus. “Miss Faulstich asked us if we could write something that was a little more modern with that ancient feeling.”
“It has been a long time since I have heard some of these myths and stories,” said Jane Faulstich, PHS acting teacher and the director of the show. “I had forgotten that Icarus had wax wings, Hermes grew from an infant to a teenager in two hours and that Persephone is the reason we have springtime. I have truly enjoyed re-learning Greek Mythology.”
For most of the actors the challenge is writing their own material.
“Keeping up with the creativity,” said Christina Krozel of the challenge. “Creating something that’s your own but creating something that everyone will enjoy.”
“It’s really stressful,” said Michael Gray. “You have to take into account your audience and make sure that everything is appropriate for everyone, and that it’s funny. After all it is a comedy.”
“The hardest part is that it’s all self written,” said Rebecca Brumbaugh. “When you start working through the scenes and you want to make changes or you like it or don’t like it its more personal because it’s not something that somebody across the country has written it’s personal to all of us.”
“Once again I commend the stage crew, the set design is beautiful,” said Faulstich. “When the lights come up on that gorgeous set, and the actors walk out in their fantastic costumes I sit back and think, ‘How did I get so lucky?’ I feel very blessed and very proud that the PHS theatre department is bursting with such talented students.”
The highlight of the show? That depends on who you talk to.
“Zeus needs to stop,” said Krozel. “You don’t even want to miss what it’s like to have seven wives up against you.”
“Trojan Horse,” said Brumbaugh. “That’s all. You will be wowed.”
The cast also includes: PHS Principal Jim Condon, Cassandra Gaines, Kirsten Harner, Jared Hill, Olivia Hilliard, Christina Krozel, Jason Pickell, Kelsey Shaffer, Allison Berger, Marissa Daugherty, Bryce England, Maicee Evans, Faith Read, Aimee Ringer, Megan Senter, Lauren Smith, Michelle Caliz, Nadia Baca, CC Bastardo, Carly Berger, Bethany Boros, Lilly Bottorff, Maggie Buza, Allegra Davis, Leticia Del Real, Amber Eckman, Katie Hickman, Kennedy Jones, Brantlee Joseph, Kalee Lowry, Cheyenne McIntire, Kristen McNeal, Lauren Page, Lane Singleton, Nicole Snare, Tori Thompson.
Lighting Technicians are Denis Watson Adam Lacefield and Daniel Johnson. Sound Engineers: Jordan Knapp, Daren Miller and Jordan Wendel. Wing Managers are Andrew Youst, Shaylee Vice and Ashton Morrow. Backstage crew: Emily Blake, Billie Carothers, Riley Cartwright, Ashley Flosenzier, Evan Glaub, Timothy Gomez, Marcus Gunderson, John Hampton, Micah Harner, Jack Holloway, Colton Honeycutt, Amanda Irwin, Melissa Pedavoli, Ben Shortt, Larissa Tetzloff, and Michael Yoder.