Golf carts a go on county roads, with restrictions

MARSHALL CO. — After voting last month to not allow golf carts access on county roads, county commissioners changed their decision during their regularly scheduled meeting Monday.
Although the issue was not on the official agenda, Commissioner president Kevin Overmyer brought it up, asking his fellow commissioners Jack Roose and Greg Compton if they wished to discuss it further. Commissioners were unable to agree on the matter previously, as Compton was against allowing golf carts (citing safety reasons) and Roose had stated that golf carts should be allowed total access to county roads.
“This (issue) is new to Marshall County and it will be a process we are going to learn over the next several months,” said Overmyer Monday.
Commissioners decided to allow golf carts on county roads with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less, and only during daylight hours.
“It’s a starting point, and it’s easier to add (to an ordinance) than subtract,” noted Overmyer.
“My position is the same,” responded Roose. “I feel this is a good move, people ought to be allowed to use (golf carts). I feel we are limiting it to people who have moved here and bought up lake property and we are excluding lifelong residents of Marshall County who may want to use (their golf cart) to go down to the farm or visit their son or daughter who lives nearby.”
Roose said that he approved of the 35 mph and daylight-only ordinance as long as commissioners could revisit the issue in an April 2013 meeting.
Commissioners also noted that those driving golf carts should be licensed drivers and that the cart should be covered by insurance.