Glenn grad Pletcher pursues Boston Marathon

WALKERTON — Kyle Pletcher, a 2006 John Glenn grad, spends his days as an accountant with Cardno JFNew in Walkerton. But by night — and in any other time he can find — Pletcher is a runner. Whether it’s on the treadmill at LifePlex in Plymouth, or outside near his home, Pletcher spends about two hours running every day.
Right now, he’s working toward an ambitious goal –the Boston Marathon, one of the most well known racing events in the world. The race attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators and thousands of participants each year.
“I normally run 40 to 50 miles per week, but right now I’m doing 85 to 90 a week,” said Pletcher, explaining, “I’ve had to double (my routine).”
The two-time marathon runner feels that it’s important to keep challenging himself.
“I think I’ll be pretty confident (before the race, in April),” said Pletcher, continuing, “I know I’ll be able to run it, I’ll just be concerned with hitting my goal.”
He explained that his goal is to run the marathon in under two hours and thirty minutes.
“I’d like to break 2:30 but I’ll be happy if I can run a new personal best — anything lower than 2:36,” said Pletcher.
Pletcher hasn’t always been a runner, however. He began running cross country his junior year of high school to get in shape for basketball. But later, during his time studying accounting at Manchester College, Pletcher found that running cross country provided him with both a rewarding hobby and a solid group of friends –many of whom he stays in touch with today.
For Pletcher, running not a chore, but something he really enjoys doing.
“It relaxes my mind at the end of the day,” said Pletcher. “It’s very easy to do, and you can do it by yourself, wherever you are.”
Unlike some high school and college athletes who abandon their sport after school is over, Pletcher said that his “addiction” to running helps him stay motivated.
“One of the bad things about (being a runner in this area) is the weather,” said Pletcher. “It’s not the best for running outdoors. (The weather is) either hot and humid, or snowy and cold.”
When the weather isn’t the best, Pletcher works out at the LifePlex in Plymouth, where his family has been members for years.
“The staff is great, they are all very friendly,” said Pletcher. “I consider a few of them to be my friends. They are encouraging and always ask me how my training is going.”
For other runners interested in competing in marathons, Pletcher advises them to “stick to it and put in the time — that’s one of the hardest things to do.”
The most challenging part of a marathon, he continued, is always the last four or five miles.
“(The marathon) is different from shorter races like a 5K — those are more painful, but they are over quicker,” said Pletcher. “During the last few miles (of a marathon) you just want it to be over.”
Pletcher will be running the Boston Marathon April 16. The course goes through several towns and covers 26.2 miles in all, ending near the John Hancock building in downtown Boston.