Garage shot down; Rentown to build new store

MARSHALL COUNTY — The Board of Zoning appeals had a full slate of cases to review Tuesday, including a request to waive the property setback requirements in order to build a garage on a piece of property.

In this case, the board said the property owner, Carl Crow could not show a hardship to allow a variance. He owns a second piece of property adjacent to the lot in question, which, if combined into one parcel would provide the space he needed to build the garage and comply with regulations.

In another matter, the board granted approval for Dennis Hochstetler, owner of Rentown to build a new store across the street from his current location. The current store is on property owned by his sister, who may decide to put a restaurant in the space when the new store is completed.

The board approved the request, with stipulations, including the submission of a drainage plan, provide parking for 67 vehicles, limit employees to a maximum of 15, and adhere to sign regulations, among others.

Additional details and a review of three other applications considered is detailed in today's Pilot News.