Fundraiser for PCYO was successful

A successful dinner and music fundraiser was held Sept. 18 for the Plymouth Community Youth Orchestra, hosted and sponsored by Jim Vinall, owner of City Center (Opie’s Deli, The Office, and The Alley), and the wait staff was provided by Brian and Lori VanDuyne, owners of Ferbaugh’s Jewelery Store. Members of the youth orchestra played music out front of Opie’s and on the back patio for the dinner patrons to enjoy. A total of $1,225 was raised for the youth orchestra, which included all tips given to the wait staff, as well as an additional donation on behalf of Ferbaugh’s Jewelery, a portion of the dinner proceeds on behalf of the City Center, and additional donations given directly to the PCYO.

Trevor Grimmett, Jenny Cuatlacuatl, Andrea Soria, Shayla Noble, Katie Culp, April Bowen, Hayden Bardwell, and Leah Smith perform.