A friend remembered well by Triton locals

BOURBON — A former Triton student, Jacob Berger, who died unexpectedly only a year ago may be gone, but certainly not forgotten. On the one-year anniversary of the parting, family members arranged a memorial service at his gravesite. Also attending the service were members of this year’s Triton football team and coaching staff.
The team , dressed in football uniforms, laid a Triton sports blanket over the gravesite.
Berger would have been a sophomore this year.
Triton’s Athletic Director Mason McIntyre characterized Berger as full of like, full of energy and enthusiastic. McIntyre said, “Jake loved sports. He showed great promise as a football player and wrestler.” “He was excited about opportunities to participate in the athletic programs here,” McIntyre said,” “the kids really took to him.”
The service concluded with the releasing of colorful balloons that epitomized the spirit of Berger.
Berger had been participating in football practice on the August date in 2009 and was reportedly hit by another player. The School’s Athletic Trainer Eric Callahan and a family member in the medical profession had both examined Berger and believed he would be okay.
However, his condition worsened.
Later reports indicated that Berger died from natural causes; specifically an aneurism at the base of his spine.