Firemen’s events a real ‘ball’

BREMEN — Fireman Chad Stepp from Tippecanoe, who was participating in the waterball contest at Sunnyside Park Saturday brought along his two-year-old son, Gavyn (who was dressed for the occasion in his own fireman gear) to watch. Stepp said it wasn’t his son’s first waterball contest as spectator; he saw another event two weeks previous. 
Waterball teams present represented several fire departments including Silver Lake, LaPaz, Tippecanoe, and Bremen and included a few women’s teams. Chris Sime, a volunteer who helped with the event, said that Bremen’s waterball event has been a long-standing tradition. Popularity has come and gone, sometimes had teams traveling to Bremen from Michigan. “We get together and play an old game that doesn’t get played much anymore,” he noted, adding that it isn’t as easy as it looks and “it makes your arms sore.”
The first two teams participating included some waterball newbies to the event including fireman Dan Ringer’s sons who were part of the team on the left battling Silver Lake’s team. They lost this event.
The weather that morning was perfect being so hot — with many participants commenting that they were looking forward to getting wet.