A favorite recipe for ‘Indiana salsa’

Some time ago Janet Born sent me this recipe. Now is a good time to pass it on because the ingredients are now ripening in the gardens.
The recipe reminds me of a similar concoction my mother used to make from our garden in the fall when I was a small child, and it sounds as if it would lend interesting taste to winter’s beans and potatoes. Also it would make good usage of surplus remaining in the garden.
Most Mexican salsa is too hot for our tastes so for those who still raise big gardens, this mild salsa offers to be a more tasteful substitute for them. I find it interesting and will offer to buy at least four pints of this concoction at the makers price, and will return the pint Mason jars to the maker.
Next year raise enough of the required vegetables to make a year’s supply of salsa. Then don’t thank me but do thank Janet Born.

For more, see the Pilot News Wednesday, Aug. 25 print edition.

Fremont Books is a retired antiques dealer and local historian. He was born Feb. 27, 1914.