Fast moving storm hits fast, hard at noon

PLYMOUTH — Marshall County encountered a patch of rough weather over the noon hour on Wednesday that left crews scrambling to clear roadways of fallen trees.

“We’ve got trees down in Center, West and Polk Townships,” said Neal Haeck Superintendent of the Marshall County Highway Department. “Looks like a lot of the worst weather was in Plymouth or just south of there.”

“We’ve also got a lot of trees down on Nutmeg Ridge and in Donaldson towards Ancilla. A lady called me and said one road was shut off and she was trying another way. She called me back and said that road was shut off too.”

“We did have some straight line winds,” said Marshall County Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery. “The highest gust we measured at the weather station here at the county building was 34 m.p.h.”

Rainfall was intense for a short time too.

“We had .83 inches of rain in a pretty short span of time,” said Avery. “I just talked with Matt Pitney (of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department) and he said there were no real widespread power outages reported anywhere in the county.”