'Farm Chicks' want other women to start similar group

PLYMOUTH — Since February, a small group of six women has been meeting regularly to share their ideas on sustainable living. They call themselves the “Farm Chicks” although not every member lives on a farm. Group leader Phyllis Horvath pointed out that “Being a farm girl isn’t about where you live, but how you live.”
The women have diverse backgrounds, but a common interest: learning how to support themselves by taking up lost skills like sewing, gardening, canning, and more. They are interested in helping other women start groups like theirs, in hopes that all the groups could meet annually for a larger event.
“It’s such a good way for women of our age to have friends again after they’ve retired,” said Horvath, adding, “We are looking to help other women create their own groups, then we would be sister groups.”
“We have a good time, but we are serious about it too,” said group member Connie Holzwart.
The Farm Chicks are willing to offer suggestions to women interested in the group’s concept. Their plan is casual: the group usually meets at Horvath’s home where they eat, discuss projects they are working on, and share ideas they’ve seen in publications and online about sustainable living. Though they meet only once a month, group member Vanessa Ingole said that she stays in contact through email with other group members between meetings.
“It’s a group about the basics of living a stress-free life,” said Horvath.
Ingole added, “We are just coming up alongside of something that is already a movement.”
Future projects the Farm Chicks are interested in include offering classes for young girls and doing more community service projects. Find out more about their group and how to start something similar by contacting Horvath on Facebook, by email at phyllis.horvath@yahoo.com, or by calling 574-784-3533.