Family seeks service dog for 4-year-old

PLYMOUTH — Four-year-old Allison Krupp, of Plymouth, who suffers from a rare seizure disorder, gets a lot of support from her family.
“We all kind of keep track of her,” said Ally’s mother Becky Krupp.
Her parents, Joe and Becky Krupp, take shifts sleeping with their daughter at night in case she goes into a silent seizure, which occurs often.
“We could walk into a room and Ally will be seizing, and we have no idea how long it’s been going on,” explained Becky.
Ally’s 6-year-old sister Emma knows how to recognize the onset of a seizure and will yell for her parents to help. Even 3-year-old Chloe does her part.
“(Chloe) doesn’t quite understand, but she will bring Ally a special blanket that she likes,” said Becky.
The Krupps are raising money to get Ally a service dog through an organization called 4 Paws for Ability based in Ohio. Becky said that 4 Paws is one of the few organizations that will place a dog with a child Ally’s age. To avoid being placed on a waiting list, the Krupps are planning to raise $13,000 — part of the $22,000 total amount needed to train a dog.
“You get your dog faster if the family is willing to help (with fundraising),” said Becky. “As soon as the money is raised, it will be 11 months and then we will get our dog.”
A service dog would ease the burden of care for Ally’s family. The dog would alert the family when he sensed the onset of a seizure, help steady Ally when she becomes unstable and wobbly from her medication, and distract her in crowded public places. Becky said that Ally might also be tethered to the dog so she can’t run off and get lost. The dog will be able to help Ally walk, since she has low muscle tone.
Ally has about nine days of seizure activity each month, and she’s tried more than 12 different medications. None of them have been able to control her condition. She’s also been through many tests and procedures at Riley Hospital for Children and at Cleveland Clinic.
“The seizures leave Ally fatigued, scared, and in pain,” explained Becky. “After a seizure, Ally is often very upset and sometimes cries uncontrollably for a long period of time.”
The family is asking for support from the community to raise the money Ally needs. Becky is planning fundraisers, one of which will be a golf outing at Tri-Way golf club July 29. It will be a four man scramble for $50 per person and includes 18 holes, cart and food. There will also be mulligans, skirts and throws, a 50/50 raffle and ball drop that can be purchased as extra. To sign up, contact Becky or ask for more information at the golf clubhouse. All donations for Ally’s service dog should be sent straight to 4 Paws, via their online donation page at, or by mail: 4 Paws for Ability, In Honor of Allison Krupp, 253 Dayton Ave., Xenia, Ohio, 45385. Before sending a donation by mail, contact Becky Krupp for a form: 574-387-7126 or