Family Day draws fun loving folks to Park

PLYMOUTH — Members of the community came out in droves to the Coca-Cola Family Day at the amphitheater in Centennial Park this weekend, taking advantage of the opportunity to cool off and grab some free hotdogs, popcorn and pop. The day featured balloon artist Mr. Art, face painting, Adrienne Frailey on stage and, of course, free Coke products, popcorn and hotdogs, hundreds of which were grilled and passed out during the event.
Scott Michel, recreation director for the Plymouth Parks Department, said the event typically draws quite the crowd – and this year was no different. He said the event is sponsored by Coca-Cola and is aimed to entertain the whole community.
“This is Coca-Cola Family Day; Coca-Cola sponsors this and they allow me to get a bounce house, hotdogs, they provide some pop, popcorn, get a musician to play, and then I get a balloon artist and then also I have some of the summer employees of the park face-painting, so we’re doing a lot of different activities here. It’s just kind of a way to have a community event and come out and have a little bit of fun,” Michel said.
The event takes place each year toward the end of July, offering a bit of respite from the heat as the fire department rolls out a sprinkler for the kids – not to mention all the free pop! Michel said it’s been a wonderful event for many years.
“This is my third year doing it; I’ve been with the park department as recreation director for three years, and they did it even before I was here,” Michel explained.
The band began their performance around noon, bringing in more attendees, but the crowd really grew when the fire department arrived with the sprinkler around 1:30 p.m. Michel said the event always includes the sprinkler, balloons, a bounce house and other attractions, but this year had a little difference.
“This is the first year we’ve had an obstacle course as the bounce house; usually we just have one of those square bounce houses and kids go in and jump around, but this year we got an obstacle course that Plymouth Bounce gave us a really good deal on, so it seems to be going really well over there,” Michel said.
Officer John Weir and his K9 counterpart Jax were also in attendance at the event, drawing parents and kids alike to pet the five-year-old Belgian Shepherd Malinois. The Coca-Cola Family Day continued through 2 p.m. and brought hundreds of visitors to the Young Amphitheater.

This story appeared in the July 29 edition of the Pilot News.