Entry into summer

From the front lines
A Circulation blog
Summer is all but upon us. With our weird weather so far this year, it seems more like late spring with the rain and all, but still, the glorious days of the year are near.
The great thing about our job is getting to know the neighborhoods, from the stretched-out rural routes to the traditional sidewalks of our communities.
We have friendly customers, for the most part. An occasional barking dog on a leash, a rough character with something to say every once in awhile and the folks who have special requests for receiving their daily paper are all in the mix.
I get to meet a lot of you on the phone or through e-mail. If we miss your delivery, you are quite nice for the most part. I look at every call as a chance to make a new friend. I do like to hear from you because our job is service every night or every weekday and mornings on Monday.
Do not be hesitant to call (574.936.3010, ask for Mike or push the circulation choice). There are real people here who will call you back if we are otherwise involved when you call. We stress on-time delivery so do not hesitate to call that to my attention, either.
By the way, these are the closing days (June 13) to register for our hammock giveaway and for the neato recliner (each in our showcase windows at the main office), The hammock deal is simply to fill out an entry, nothing to be purchased.
The recliner offer is for a picture of the worst recliner you can find. It is a spiffy new one and may be just the thing for a Father’s Day delight.
Come on by and enter. One of our valued readers is going to win each of them.
I often say the newspaper delivery folks with whom I work are the front line of the newspaper. These are the men and women the customers meet and all they know about who works at the paper, for the most part. They are all part of the hometown community and, for the most part, enjoy working in their own neighborhoods.