Elementary teacher publishes book on bullying

PLYMOUTH — LaVille Elementary School music teacher Lisa Head recently published her first children’s book, Calbert: The Third-Grade Cowboy. The book is a fictional story about bullying written at a second and third grade reading level.
“I have a son who is at that level and I told myself as I started writing that (the story) fit best at that age level,” said Head, continuing, “I’ve been a foster parent for many years and a teacher for many years. I’ve had children from both sides in my home…both those that are bullies and those that have been bullied.”
Head emphasized that the book’s characters are not based on any one child she’s interacted with, but is rather a compilation of things she’s seen while around young children. The story follows Calbert, an average boy having some troubles with a school bully. The bully, Ernie, picks on Calbert for being adopted. The two boys end up trapped in a school fire and must work together to survive.
“I’m just hoping that (readers) will learn to not just see the bully as the bad guy, but that they will look beyond that and try to help,” said Head. “Being a foster parent, I’ve seen kids really turn around. (The book) is all fiction, but a lot of it just comes from watching kids in my home, knowing about their background and all the things they’ve gone through.”
Head started foster parenting in 2005, and has had a total of 14 children stay in her home. She said that it’s her belief that bullies treat others badly because they do not feel loved and secure at home. In her experience, once children feel secure, they will stop bullying others.
Head’s book is for sale now on Amazon for $15.99, and she said it will be in bookstores within six to eight weeks. The title may also be available in e-book format in the future. The book was published in two slightly different versions by two publishing companies, Xlibris Books and CreateSpace.