Earth Club making a difference

WAKARUSA — The Earth needs more environmentally-smart people, especially in the next generation.
Tina Green, a NorthWood Middle School math teacher, is helping with just that. Green started the Earth Club, also known as Green Club, in the spring of 2009 at NorthWood Middle School.
When asked why she chose to start this program she explained, “This club grew out of a shared passion for preserving our environment.”
Earth Club began that year with just six student members and has grown to 28 members this year. These students meet bi-weekly to recycle, learn about saving the Earth, and plan activities to involve the rest of the middle school student body.
Recently the club asked the school population to donate their used, worn-out tennis shoes and sneakers. Their shoe recycling endeavor was sponsored by National Geographic Kids.
The shoes would first be used to create the longest chain of shoes for the Guinness World Record and once National Geographic Kids breaks the record, the shoes will be recycled into material for athletic surfaces.
Students in Earth Club are busy throughout the year. In addition to their most recent activity, they also organize their big annual event Green Week that runs the week of Earth Day (April 22).
Green explained, “Each day of that week has a theme to increase awareness and participation in scheduled activities.”
The club’s members also work with Green Lockers, an organization, which takes new and slightly-used school supplies at the end of each school year and distributes them to children in need. The Earth Club raises money for Earth-friendly projects like for planting of new trees at NorthWood Middle School and the reforestation in the Amazon.
The students recycle at school, and they observe movies and videos to educate themselves on how to save the Earth.
NorthWood Middle School’s Earth Club, led by Green, is changing the way children see the environment in a positive way. The students are increasing awareness, promoting activism, and saving our planet.