Drowning victim recovered from Lake Maxinkuckee

CULVER — The victim of a 4th of July drowning at the public beach on Lake Maxinkuckee has been identified as Jose Cruz Lizcano, age 27.

Sonar technology was used by Indiana Conservation officers in the search Friday evening, after Lizcano's friends did not notice his absence for around four hours.

The drowning is the second in two years at the town beach in Culver, with last year's drowning of a 22-year old Plymouth man taking place just over a week from one year ago (that incident took place July 13, 2013).

The most recent incident also comes after a marked increase in safety measures enacted at the beach in terms of lifeguard training and degree of coverage, as well as reduction of depth of buoys at the swimming beach, all in the wake of last year's death.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.