Donors' gifts enrich lives at Culver Millers

When beloved, life-long Culver businessman and community servant Bill Snyder died last year, his family knew they wanted to do something to thank the staff and administration at Miller's Merry manor nursing home in Culver not only for all they did for Snyder, but for all they do in general. Recently that appreciation manifested itself tangibly in a large, brand-new, flat-screen television for use in Millers' dining room, something which will benefit all residents as well as staff.
"It's hard work," said Snyder's daughter, Lynda Hershberger, of the work of Millers' staff, on hand as the TV was installed and started up for the first time. "They do a great job with loving, tender care."
The gift was given in the name of Snyder's (adult) children: Mike Snyder, Dr. Susan Snyder, and Lynda Hershberger, following his stay at Millers between May and December of last year.
"We're very appreciative of the outpouring of support from this family," said Millers Administrator Greg Fassett. "This is a nice gift for the residents to utilize when dining, and we can use it for movie showings as well."
Already in use at the facility is a gift from Culver's Janet Kline, in honor or her late mother, Margaret Zwecker, who passed away at nearly 100 years old last June after eight and a half years there. Kline and her family said that in lieu of flowers, donations should be made to Millers.
"When mom died," says Kline, "all the money went to Millers to purchase a vitals monitor for the nursing staff to use.
"All the people (on staff) were so good to her. There was so much caring and concern from the people who work's a great place."
Fassett says the monitor "really benefits our resident population," and added his own praise for the Millers staff.
"I've worked 32 years in this profession. This staff is one of the most compassionate group of people I've worked with. It's not just a job to them."