Dinner, a bet, and friendship influence fitness

PLYMOUTH — Rachelle Yung — and her workout partners Amanda Rogge and Melissa Bachtel — share their stories about their weight loss journeys. Getting a jump start on January’s Best Loser 2012 competition at the Fitness Forum at the LifePlex, the three will also be entering the competition, which is Jan. 16 to March 21. Registration deadline is Jan. 9, and teams will consist of just two players instead of the traditional four-person teams. Cost is $40 per team, and couples will still be competing for that $1,000 cash prize.
The first weigh-in is Monday, Jan. 16 when the team picture will be taken. Times to be weighed in are from 5 to 9 a.m. and 5 to 7 p.m.
The middle weigh-in will be Monday, Feb. 13 from 5 to 9 a.m.; Thursday, Feb. 16 from 5 to 8 a.m.; and Saturday, Feb. 18 from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.
The final weigh-in will be Monday, March 19 from 5 to 9 a.m.; Thursday, March 22 from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, March 24 from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Both participants must make it to designated times at each weigh-in to be qualified for grand prize; however teammates do not have to attend together. Winners are determined by the combined percentage of weight loss of both participants. An individual prize will go to the participant who loses the most total percentage of body fat overall: A free 30-minute massage at Serenity Spa.
Register at Fitness Forum at the LifePlex: 574-936-2333; located at 2855 Miller Drive, Suite 101, Plymouth.
Yung says, “In July I hosted a dinner to plan an upcoming Indianapolis trip with my friends Amanda, Melissa and their husbands. After dinner, Melissa approached us with her desire to begin taking a fitness class and lose some weight. She was looking for a work out buddy. Amanda and I were also interested in getting healthier and shedding pounds until she dropped the bomb that it was at 5:45 a.m. and was 50 minutes of intense exercise. I immediately was apprehensive because I am not a morning person and I have not been exercising since college. I was ready to immediately decline her suggestion.”
She continues: “We all had reservations and fears about the idea of early morning fitness. We had all tried at one time or another to increase our activity and lose weight. While we were discussing the pros and cons, our husbands had overheard our conversation. They begin to be very negative about us trying an early morning fitness routine. I guess they all realize that none of us enjoy getting up early, watch our diet, or are extremely active. Their obvious smirking that we would never make it for six weeks only served to ignite a strong determination in our minds. A wager was struck on our ability to complete a full six weeks without anyone of the three of us missing a class for any reason other than extreme sickness. The war between the girls and guys was on.”
Yung says the six weeks was a challenge. “Getting up was torture! Watching my diet while the guys were stuffing their faces withbeer and fast food was just wrong. I won’t even get started on the numerous ways my overweight, out-of-shape body rebelled at the intense workout I began to get. We persevered. Our friendship grew stronger as we encouraged each other to make ourselves better. We consistently kept in contact the night before every session to ensure we felt empowered to make it another day. When one of us hit a wall, the other two were there to push her over. We celebrated every tiny success and we comforted and got past every defeat.”
In the end — the girls won the bet. “Our reward was a spa trip to Chicago and a fancy dinner with the men,” Yung said. “It was worth every moment! Not just because of the reward but because three and a half months later we are on our way to a new lifestyle. We’ve dropped pounds, toned our body, and have begun to enjoy the early morning workout. I honestly say that I miss the mornings I don’t head to the gym with the girls. With the love, support, and encouragement of each other we are on our way to a healthier us.”
Since August, the girls continue toward their goals. Yung has lost 30 pounds since May; and her friends Bachtel and Rogge have added another 52 pounds lost together since August.
Rogge said, “We push each other to work harder every workout and we also remind each other of the food plans we are suppose to be sticking on. It is great having awesome friends to support you in the little things in life because in the end it means so much.”
Although weight loss and better health are two main reasons she got involved, she said without the support of her friends, she may not have had the confidence to do make other important goals in her life, such as reading the Bible within a year. “And to think, this all started with motivation from very good friends,” she said.
Bachtel said having an accountability partner or partners is a must.
“I have started down the path of a healthier lifestyle several times before,” she said. “There was always a key ingredient missing though — I never had an accountability partner.”
She explained: “This time I wanted to do it right. Our husbands told us that there is no way we would accomplish this goal, but we were bound and determined to win the bet. We had a lot at stake.”
She says having accountability partners kept her motivated. “If I did not have my two friends as accountability partners there would be have been many days that I would have just stayed in bed,” Bachtel said. “Knowing that I had two people who were counting on me to be there made it much easier to get out of bed.”
Not only were the three friends accountability partners, Bachtel said they have encouraged one another, pushed one another and rejoiced with one another when they accomplished their goal — and so much more.
“We have been going much more now,” Bachtel said. “This has become a way of life for us. It all started with three friends and a bet with our husbands. Now if only we could get our husbands in here.”