Dilts honored for EMS service

Honored at the Culver-Union Twp. EMS' most recent meeting was retiring member Ruth Dilts, who Brandon Cooper noted started volunteering with the service in 1993. Since then, she's been director (starting in 2001, before being called into military service after Sept. 11 of that year), instructor, and full-time member.

"It speaks a lot about a person to volunteer to come in and do this," said Cooper. "We want to honor her and invite her back whenever she's ready to come back!"

Dilts told the Citizen she "never thought about the pay. I just wanted to serve our community.

"I can remember my first accident out by Chadwick Shores," she continues. "The young man had a compound fracture to his arm. At first it made me sick to my stomach, but I collected myself and did what needed to be done. It takes a special person to be a volunteer such as on the EMS. You need to do it for others and not for yourself. And sometimes its a thankless job. But you keep serving and the reward is in knowing you were there to help.

"There is nothing like giving family members the extra time to say good bye, or to comfort a child when mom is giving birth, or just to give someone a hug when they are facing their worse nightmare. I want to thank CUTEMS for the many memories, and hope the younger generation will walk in my footsteps."