In the Dailyness of Life: Trust Opal, but follow God for the long journey

“I’ve heard there’s some sort of a short-cut from here to Warsaw … ,” I said to my friend, Opal.
We’d just enjoyed great conversation over coffee and it was time for me to head home.
“I’d love to know what road to take. Do you know the way?”
“That’s Packerton Road!” she responded. “But it’s a hard one to describe. I’ll lead the way.”
I hem-hawed and tried to convince my friend (in her mid-80s) that I was pretty good with directions. Perhaps she might simply explain the best way. She would hear none of it. Together we left the restaurant as she offered a few more words of advice.
“I’ll take you just so far, and then you can go on from there.”
And at that point, quickly explaining a few more points to watch for – including a few more curves and stops – she got into her car, so I quickly realized that following her was the only option she had given me.
Still somewhat mystified by her insistence that I follow her, I kept my focus on every twist and turn.
Our journey included bumpy and rolling pavement and obviously well-worn paths as well.
I began to see her point of insisting I stay right behind her!
After taking several turns, I was convinced Opal knew what she was doing in leading me on.
It was quite obvious that I would have gotten pretty confused otherwise.
But with her taking the lead, my following close behind worked out well.
I was reminded of Psalm 25:4 which does depict a genuine plea to God, “Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.”
There have been times when I have hesitated in seeking God’s guidance but later realized how much I truly needed to rely upon His directives.
Even when I decide to “allow” God to guide me, I can recognize my own tendencies to move ahead on my own.
Despite my self-sufficiency, God does not give up on providing wisdom and strength for the journey.
When we got to the point where Opal waved me on, I gratefully saluted her efforts.
Thanks, dear friend!
“In the Dailyness of Life ...” appears in the Advance News each month. A licensed clinical addictions counselor, Yvonne Riege lives near Wakarusa. She enjoys hiking, biking and 5-K race/walks with her husband and spending time with family. She can be reached at