Culvert collapse closes Olive Trail

PLYMOUTH — The collapse of a culvert has caused the closing of Olive Trail
Monday afternoon the Marshall County Commissioners issued an emergency declaration closing Olive Trail one half mile south of Overmyer Drive. Olive Trail collapsed around the Dixon Lake outlet pipe running underneath the road, and the road is impassable.
The area of the collapse had been a problem area for county repair crews.
“We’ve been repairing sink holes out there for awhile. This had been a problem,” said President of the Commissioners Kevin Overmyer. “Because of that there was a flow restriction on the culvert under the road and all the weather finally just pushed it over the edge.”
Overmyer said that the county had begun the process of obtaining the proper permits from the Indiana Department of Environmental Man-agement to make the repairs.
“This will speed up the process,” said Overmyer. “We already have the culvert pipe ready to install, with the declared emergency we’ll keep IDEM informed of what’s going on and they will issue our permits after the fact.”
Because of the heavy flow of traffic on the road Overmyer hopes that the work can be completed quickly.
“If we can get utility locates done tomorrow (Tuesday) we could rip it out of there Wednesday and have the whole thing replaced by Friday,” said Overmyer. “We’ve got a lot of traffic on that road and we can’t have it closed very long.”