Culver legacy of famous Ball family celebrated through art exhibit, home tour

The Center for Culver History will host an art opening for a collection of mixed-media work created by long-time summer resident Sammie Starkey, of the Ball family, Wednesday, July 11.

The work is a collection of 12 collages composed of family memorabilia (such as letters and journal entries), layered under the artist's ink drawings based upon family photographs. The works tell the story of five generations of Ball family history, beginning with the original five brothers who first started the Ball Corporation in Muncie (makers of the iconic Ball jars and namesake of Ball State University).

The narrative continues with artworks chronicling the life of Starkey's Great-grandmother. Starkey's discovery of her great-grandmother's poetry and sketch-filled journal inspired her to create the collection. The later pieces illustrate the family's history in Culver, which began with Starkey's grandfather, William Ball, who graduated winter school in 1943, and subsequently bought the Ball cottage, in which two generations of cousins have grown up together every summer.

The Ball family regrets that this will be their final summer at Lake Maxinkuckee, as their home is up for sale. The family will provide refreshments at the opening, which will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. At 8 p.m, the family will open up their 1900-era home for a post-show moonlight toast and tour. The home is located at 1746 East Shore Drive.