Culver Garden Court hosts ribbon cutting, open house

Culver's Garden Court senior living facility held its much-anticipated open house and ribbon cutting last Tuesday, the culmination of some 15 years of searching for land, said Dr. Ronald Liechty, Garden Court board president, and over two years of work to prepare and build the facility.

A number of people gathered at the 801 S. Main Street Garden Court, where rooms were available for tours and refreshments offered.
Liechty, noting he and Garden Court board vice president Dean Byers have an accumulation 87 years of service on the board, said he will be replaced by Jim Causey as president this fall. He said Garden Court's development committee goes into action once a site has been designated.

Architect Brent Martin has designed seven of the facilities now, Liechty added, and Easterday Construction has built the same number. Liecty also cited the work of consultant Scott Hughes and attorney Jim Tousley. Also thanked were Wade and Claudia McGee, who made the land available for sale for the site.

Kevin Berger of Easterday said he personally spent ten years searching for a Culver site for the facility.

"I'm very pleased," he said. "I think this is a beautiful addition to Culver."

Berger expressed his appreciation to Culver's town council and its preparation of the land surrounding Garden Court, which has been annexed into the town of Culver for further future development. He also thanked Liechty for a "wonderful job" as well as his "years of guidance and friendship."

The actual ribbon cutting was handled by Ron Cisco, the very first of the four residents currently occupying the facility.

The facility, funded through the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, will be managed by Bradley Residential Management.