Culver Comm. students observe Lions Liberty Day with Sheriff Chamberlin

Culver's Lions Club organized its annual Liberty Day educational event at the Culver Community Middle and High Schools last week, according to Lions president Barbara Winters.

Speaking was Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin, who discussed the U.S. Constitution and how the sheriff's office must protect U.S. citizens against unlawfulness. He also provided insight as to how far-reaching the sheriff's authority is, and pointed out the sheriff is the only law enforcement officer elected by the people. Every State but two have counties and a county sheriff (the exceptions being Alaska and Connecticut, where the state handles law enforcement in absence of counties). Chamberlin discussed the Marshall County jail and how state law determines inmate care, noting even the amount of bail is influenced by the U.S. Constitution.

"Sheriff Chamberlin's informative talk was well received by both the students and the Lions Club members who were present," says Winters. "The Sheriff encouraged the students as well as others to re-read the U. S. Constitution, advice we should all heed.

"The students were wonderful," she adds. "Courteous and respectful. I was impressed."

Pat Lancet provided signage for the middle school students, who heard the talk in their gymnasium, followed by a similar talk to the juniors in the high school auditorium.

The purpose of Liberty Day Indiana is to make Hoosiers familiar with the U.S. Constitution, the oldest instrument of nation government in the world. A copy of the U.,S. Constitution is given to each eighth grade student and to each Junior in high school. The copies of the U. S. Constitution are funded by patriotic businesses paying for printing and distribution to the Indiana Lions Clubs. It is non-partisan. An elected official talks to the students to tell how his office upholds the U.S. Constitution.

Lions present besides Winters included Pat Birk, Bill Birk, Jim Harper, Fred Lintner, Charlotte Hahn, Lynn Davis, Jim Sawhook, and Pastor Larry Saunders.