Culver area murder suspects' actions revealed in court docs

The Fulton County court has given some insight into the events of last Tuesday, Nov. 22, when police say murder suspects Roy Bell, William Scroggs, and Jason Miller robbed and killed 81 year old Wilma Upsall in her home near Leiters Ford. The event led to a tense manhunt Wednesday night through Friday afternoon in the Culver and Monterey area, during which all three were eventually captured and transported to the Fulton County jail in Rochester.

The three are alleged, in court documents, to have entered the home through a glass door they broke, in order to remove guns, only to unexpectedly find Upsall there. They tied her to a chair, according to Miller, after which he and Scroggs exited the home. The two heard gunshots, Miller said, after which Bell emerged, explaining Upsall had seen his face.

All three are facing robbery, burglary, and murder charges.

Portions of this story courtesy WSBT.