Culver ‘Community Cab’ will hit the streets June 5

Marshall County Public Transit, a service of the Marshall County Council on Aging, has announced the arrival of the Culver Community Cab for Day, each Wednesday starting June 5.

The new service has come about partly in response to investigation of the need for increased public transportation, especially for seniors, in the Culver area, on the part of the town of Culver. A survey on residents' water bills showed overwhelming support for such an increase, and Jackie Wright of the Counil on Aging worked in conjunction with town manager Dave Schoeff and others to help facilitate the service.

The community cab -- which is painted to give a taxi-like appearance -- will be available in Culver from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Wednesday. The cab offers transportation within the Culver town limits at $2 per boarding, with no pre-scheduling required. Additionally, during the month of June, Culver residents will receive a free ride home with a paid trip to the destination of choice in town.

Those wishing a ride may call toll-free 866-936-9904. The Council on Aging is represented Online at