Crews staying ahead of snow fall

In a county like Marshall County even snow removal can be a little bit different.
While county road crews deal with their own problems like blowing and drifting, city crews have another problem entirely. Where do you put all this stuff?
“It's really tough especially at intersections,” said Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt. “You pile it up as best you can but when it gets too high you have to load it up and take it someplace else.”
Safety is the issue as large piles of snow can obstruct vision, especially at intersections. Crews have the added duty of hauling it away to melt at another location.
Parked cars sometimes pose ad problem, though.
“You look around and you'll see that some people haven't moved their cars for days and the snow is piling up around them,” said Marquardt. “It would be great if people could remember to move their vehicles occasionally when it snows like this so we can catch up and clear that snow. Our goal is to get from curb to curb. You have to keep the street as wide as possible otherwise you get a snow like South Bend had and you're really in trouble.”