County projects keep going

PLYMOUTH — Some Marshall County projects are getting ready to begin. Others have completed in an efficient manner.
Brent Martin came before the Marshall County Commissioners with a final change order on the new Marshall County Historical Society Museum. Some parts of the project came in at a considerable savings while others were added to the final product.
All told, the final price tag on the museum is $360,684 with the original cost of $354,623. The final change order put the project over budget by only $6,061. The Historical Society will reimburse the county for that amount.
Jeff Million of DLZ, construction engineer supervising the rebuilding of the 13th Road Bridge, reported to the Commissioners that work crews from Jack Isom Construction had work underway for all piles to be driven to start the base of the new structure. Crews were putting a “coffer dam” in place to keep water pumped from the work area.
In all 10 piles, each 14 inches in diameter will be driven an average of 75 feet into the river bed and filled with cement to make the footings for the new bridge.
Million said that the crews would likely have the piles in place by Friday to await concrete fill.
With the opening of the new Pioneer Road between S.R. 17 and Lincoln Highway, there only remains the short jump from Lincoln Highway to U.S. 30 to complete the project. Ron Wireman of DLZ stated that construction on that stretch would likely begin around March, depending on the weather.
Construction in the area is now complete until that time.
Special attention will be given to the new stretch of road during the winter since the higher oil content in the new asphalt could make the new stretch slicker in cold and snowy weather than stretches of older asphalt.