County lifts burn ban

The Starke County Commissioners agreed to life the burn ban Monday, with the understanding that it could be reinstated if dry conditions persist. Commission President Kathy Norem said, “Amounts of rainfall last weekend varied throughout the County and it is still very dry. We will carefully monitor the situation and ask that everyone continue to use extreme caution with fireworks and burning debris left by the recent storms.”
The worst storm damage appeared to be along a line following Toto Road all across the County. Cleanup is extensive in the Bass Lake area. Lifting the burn ban will allow County residents to burn the tree limbs and other debris.
A representative of the Bass Lake Conservancy thanked the County for the assistance of Starke County Jail inmates who are helping with cleanup along CR 210 at Bass Lake. The State is working along Indiana state highways 10 and 39.
Paul Mathewson, with Starke County EMS, reported that one EMS call over the weekend required the assistance of law enforcement and fire department personnel to clear roadways so EMS could get to the patient’s location. He said, “It was a great team effort on the part of Starke County. We were able to get the access we needed, and the patient was airlifted to the hospital.”
Commissioner Dan Bridegroom added, “We’re all pulling together to do what we can do to clean up from the storms, and it’s working.”