County hires firm to collect in support and juvenile cases

PLYMOUTH - The Marshall County Clerk’s office will have a little extra help in recovering money due the county in support and juvenile cases.
Marshall County Clerk Julie Fox approached the Marshall County Commissioners regarding hiring Eagle Accounts - an Indiana based company - to assist her office in collection of funds on old court cases, especially those involving child support.

Fox told the Commissioners that currently cases from 1979 to 2012 involve an arrearage of around $808,000 in support fees that have gone uncollected. The county also has juvenile judgement liens on 292 cases outstanding with around $390,000 due in those cases.

The Clerk’s office began actively seeking collection on these cases but as Fox explained there is only so far her office can go. In many cases tracking down individuals owing money and then contacting them for payment involves resources that the Clerk’s office does not have.
Eagle specializes in these cases and their services do not cost the county. They are paid by what they are able to collect.

Fox said her office has around 4,000 cases that they will turn over to the collection agency.

The Commissioners voted to enter a contract with the company that included a 30 day exit clause for either party and tied the length of the contract to Fox’ term in the Clerk’s office to allow any Clerk that might replace her at some point later on to negotiate a change.

(This report was published in the June 19 edition of the Pilot News.)