County approves continued tax abatement for Whitley Products

PLYMOUTH - Progress continues to be made towards a revived Whitley Products in Plymouth and the Plymouth Common Council rewarded that effort by continuing a tax abatement for the emerging new company.

The abatement came before the Council two weeks ago and question’s arose over whether the equipment that the abatement had been awarded to was still even part of the company inventory. Talks with officials at Whitley and further investigation by the city has determined that the equipment is indeed still in the Plymouth plant.

The abatement is only good for the rest of the current tax year.

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surissi said that no time table had been discussed with the current owners of the company on when the plant would begin full production.

He said that several former Whitley staffers had already been re-hired and that they were currently involved in finishing several current contracts and would then do clean up and maintenance on the plant.
It was hoped that production would begin later this summer at the Plymouth plant.

(Published in the June 12, 2013 edition of The Pilot News.)