County ABC Board renews license for Dandelion Bar

PLYMOUTH - While the Dandelion waits for a new location, their alcoholic beverage license will wait in escrow.

David Fortin of the Nice People Corporation - owners of the of the now closed Dandelion bar and the corresponding liquor license - came before the Marshall County Alcoholic Beverage Commission to seek a renewal of the company’s license. He told the commission the company is seeking a new location in downtown Plymouth in order to open another restaurant and will keep the license in escrow until the time they find a new location.

The board asked Fortin to address two violations - serving a minor in October and an infraction of “happy hour” pricing in December.
Fortin told the local board he had addressed both violations with the state board and both had been dismissed.

Traughber moved - and the local board approved - that the license be renewed and held in escrow until a time when the owners can find a suitable location for a new restaurant.

(For additional details and a recap of other action, read the July 3 edition of The Pilot News.)