Coppes Commons hosting Souper Bowl this Saturday

NAPPANEE — Students in grades 10 through 12 at NorthWood High School are hard at work designing ceramic bowls for this year's annual Souper Bowl.
"Each one is different. People are different, bowls should be different as well," Melinda Sharp, art teacher at NorthWood High School heading the project, said.
Around 10 students will make over 200 custom bowls during their free time between projects, on weekends and evenings. They started just after Christmas Break.
"This is a wonderful opportunity for us because it gives students real world experience in the pottery industry."
All bowls and glazes use to decorate the bowls are food-safe and low temperature fire-safe.
"We wanted to make sure we had a very safe product for people," Sharp stated.
This year's event will be hosted in the Mill Room of Coppes Commons from 11 a.m — 2 p.m. March 8.
Bowls are $15 and purchase allows visitors unlimited access three different types of soup offered at the event.

**To read the entire story, check out the Feb. 20 edition of the Nappanee Advance News.